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Scholar in Residence

The Rabbi of Connection

Scholar in Residence
Rabbi Efraim Eisen, co-creator of Basherte, has brought his unique program of joy, love and connection to communities around the world. From Israel through Canada and the US, he is recognized for his expertise in helping people find a loving connection, whether as single Jews seeking their soulmates or as couples yearning to enhance their relationship or regain the missing spark. Efraim combines 30 years of experience as a marriage and family therapist with Jewish teachings, music and story-telling. As a scholar in residence to synagogues Efraim provides workshops in:

  • Cultivating the Path to Your Soulmate
  • Sacred Living and Loving
  • Jewish Couples enrichment
  • Musical Shabbats and story telling featuring the music of well-known contemporary rabbis
  • Concerts - Services for children and families
  • Creating a New Sexual Ethic for Young Adults
  • How To Live a Loving, Fulfilled, and Passionate Life
  • Spiritual Intimacy - Drinking From The Well of Torah Ahava
  • Kabbala – Loving Partnership in the Four Worlds of Body, Heart, Mind, and Spirit

Please feel free to email Rabbi Efraim to learn more.

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