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What a beautiful day it was!!!
Truly, I couldn't have cared less about the reception because you made it so wonderfully easy to be fully in the moment of the ceremony. It was incredible.

Olivia was so confident and beaming, and lovely to watch and feel, and it felt close and warm and wonderful.

Thank you so much -
I am writing snail mail - but just wanted to get back to you with some of the pics my cousin sent yesterday.
I never considered a photographer (because there never was one on shabbat!) but i certainly am glad my cousin deb was taking photos!!!!

We missed your exit -- was working on the "jewish dance radio station" on pandora for the outside tent (so cold!) during the lunch.

Many many thanks -

Efraim helped us celebrate a Bar and a Bat Mitzvah that were both just amazing. There were tailord to each child... magical- Lisa Aronson Fontes

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