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Rabbi Efraim Eisen

Rabbi Efraim Eisen
Efraim Eisen connected deeply with Judaism as a young child through Jewish liturgical music. Under the tutelage of Cantor Jacob Stein, Efraim developed an increasing love of music and ritual. He was also greatly influenced by Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, zt"l, who taught him more of the Joy of Judaism rather than the Oy of Judaism. Ram Dass has described Efraim as "a walking Good Shabbas" because of the love and kindness that emanates from him. He welcomes all people to his services with a warm and friendly manner.

As a Marriage, Family and Child Therapist he has positively impacted the lives of thousands of people who have counseled with him.

As the Rabbi of Temple Israel Greenfield for thirteen years he brought beautiful melodies, creative movements, and inspiring teachings to his congregation. Currently he is the Rabbi of the Pioneer Valley Jewish Renewal community leading Shabbat services arpund the Pioneer Valley in Western Massachusetts.

As the Co-director of Basherte, he has led over 200 relationship workshops around the world for singles and couples of all sexual persuasions.

Reb Efraim is also a musician and composer who has written music for weddings and life cycle events, as well as for the Basherte workshop. Efraim surprises and delights children and adults of all ages with his penchant for juggling and his creation of balloon animals.

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